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Pujya Babaji
About Babaji's Guruji
Param Guru Dev - Shri Swaroop Das Ji Maharaj

The flowering of an individual into a human being depends upon the guidance he gets. We have seen that we are highly dependent even for the knowledge of most ordinary things; we often say that the mother is the first guru of an individual because she is the first person who helps the child to understand the surrounding world. That is why in our culture the guidance of a Guru is held in high esteem as it helps to unravel the mysteries of spirituality according to yoga philosophy.

“Sa esha purveshamapi guruhu kalenanvacchedat”

Guru is beyond limitations of time and space. Even after leaving the material world he lives within his disciples and lightens their paths.

Param Guru Dev Swaroop Das Ji Maharaj was the revered Guru of Param Pujya Baba Kalyan Das Ji Maharaj who initiated the later into Udasin parampara. Param Guru Dev Swaroop Das Ji himself was initiated into Udasin sect at a very young age and became an Avadhoot – traveling the entire region of Himalayas as a wandering mendicant. He worked with the weaker section of the society following the mantra “chetahu nagari tarahu gaon” – given by Acarya Shrichandra. He utilised his immense knowledge of Ayurveda to cure the illnesses of many underprivileged people living in the tribal areas of India. He devoted his whole life to serve the lord and for his auspicious presence he got the nick-name Mangal Murti- Maharaj.

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