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Pujya Babaji
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Love God, be kind to each other and do not fragment God. Know that God is omnipresent, therefore see God in all. Keep this thought in mind and remember that one day you will have to depart from this world, since anyone who comes to this world will leave it one day. All your relatives, your language, your regional identity and the principles upheld by you will not go with you when you leave this world. The only thing that will accompany you is your goodness—whatever good deeds you did in your lifetime. We come to this world with closed hands, making a fist, and leave with open hands. We bring nothing with us when we come to this world and we leave everything behind when we die.

In the end, it is not important where were we born, what our language, religion or creed was, rather what is important is how good human beings we become, how much service we rendered to humanity.

We should follow the example of the sages and saints, such as Chaitanya, Nanak, Meera, Narsinh Mehta, Tukaram, Eknath, Gyaneshwar, Jagannath Das, Shankar Dev and acharyas like Shankaracharya, our yogi Chandracharya Ji, Gorakhnath, Bhrahtri Nath Ji, Mahavir, Buddha and so many others. They were not known for their religion or caste. They were and are known as good human beings.

If Punjabis were to say that Nanak is theirs, then Nanak would become regional; if Bengalis were to say that Chaitanya belonged to them, then he would be bound to one region. Thus, the great souls do not belong to any one section or group of people, rather they belong to humanity and their life's purpose is to guide and be an example to humanity.

When a body is born, the place where it is born will be known as its birthplace. The body takes the name of the family in which it is born. But concepts like birth, family, birthplace, etc. belong to the body, whereas the soul is beyond all of it. And the saint's connection is with the soul and with God.

A saint sees unity of soul and God in a human being. This is his greatness and this is the art of life. It is not important how much wealth you have accumulated or how many ashrams or temples you built. All this will be left behind. We all have seen palaces and fortresses left behind by great kings that are now inhabited by bats. The great temples of the past have been abandoned; they do not have any idols in them now and nobody is there to perform worship.

Time devours everything and Death does not make exceptions. If we build temples and ashrams for selfish purpose, then we have established our ego in them.

They therefore are of no value. They will one day turn into mere ruins. Many have come to this world and many have performed their duties, but few are remembered. Only he who rises in virtue above others is remembered.

I firmly believe that wherever I went during my travels and whoever I met, I always felt the presence of God in everyone. If you see God in everyone, your views will become universal and you will get established in universality.

AUM Shanti ..... Shanti ..... Shanti .....




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