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Pujya Babaji
Pujya Babaji

Tapasvi Baba Kalyandasji of Himalaya left his home at the age of twelve, visiting various religious places of India. On the bank of river Ganga, Satguru(late) Baba Swaroopdasji Maharaj, who initiated him with Udasin Sect of Religion. For more than 25 years Pujya babaji decided not to leave under roof during his sadhana. Tapasvi Baba Kalyandasji is a founder of Kalyan Seva Ashram Trust in Amarkantak (MP) India. where the holy river Narmada is originated by God Shiva's tapasya.

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In 1978 on the day of Akshy Tritiys Baba laid the foundation stone of Kalyan Seva Ashram. In 1981 Kalyan Seva Ashram trust started its official working. On 15th May 1984, the day of Baisakh Purnima the Aachary peeth was founded. The ceremonious 'Pranpratistha' of the idol of Maa-Narmada took place in the presence of the chief guest - Maharaja of Rewa Shri Martand Singh Ju Dev and the occasion was blessed by eminent saints of our country. Since then the Seva Ashram is attaining great hights and has become a holy pilgrimage.
Huge, Grand & Beautiful Entrance to the Temple.....
Inlaid with artistic portrait of marvelous South Indian architecture and the attractive lively idols of the grand temple draws blissful attention. In the year 1995 for the first time in the history of our country a 'Shree Yantra' made up of 3 tones of 'Ashta Dhatu' was ceremoniously inlaid in the benign presence of famous saints of our country. On one hand of the Shree Yantra adorned idol of 'Maa-Tripur Sundari' and on the other hand is God Shri Chandracharya.
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