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Human Health

Kalyan Sewa Ashram provides medical care

Our Ashram provides medical care to those in desperate need. Since 1995 this medical facility has saved hundreds of lives and served thousands of patients. We have received the attention and services of medical professionals from around the world. However, our growth rate is both fortunate and unfortunate in that we are helping many more people but are constantly running out of budget and have to turn the patients away.

Shree Chandracharya Charitable Hospital

Geographical Background

District of Sahdol, in Madhya Pradesh, India situated among the range of Vindhyachal Mountains is blessed with beautiful green forests, natural wealth of coal, minerals, and with the primitive tribal population. Total geographical area of the district is 5671 sq.km with the population around 16 millions.

This district of Madhya Pradesh is very backward and underprivileged. Tribal people of the district lead a very simple life. Their houses are made of mud, bamboo sticks, paddy straw and local tiles. They face great difficulties in receiving basic needs such as Electricity, Medical Treatment, Transportation and Food. They mostly rely on antiquated diagnostic procedures and treatment for primary and serious medical care.


Respected Babaji started a small dispensary to provide medical aid to the tribal people of this region.

The heart rending death of a tribal woman during delivery of baby moved the kind-hearted Babaji so much that he resolved to setup a modern, well equipped hospital so that no one would have to loose life in the absence of medical facilities. Construction of the hospital was completed in a short span of 3 years and it was inaugurated on 14 May 1995.


Shree Chandracharya Charitable Hospital is a state of the art hospital equipped with 75 beds, modern equipment, an ambulance serving 24 x 7 and covering 150 km radius around Amarkantak. It is staffed with expert doctors, nurses, and 30 technicians and administrative personnel.

Hospital provides free treatment, free medicine, and free food. Hospital also provides free ambulance service for people who cannot afford transportation.

Admission to the hospital is open to everyone regardless of religion or race.

Medical Store

Medical Store is located in the campus of the Hospital providing prescription and non-prescription drugs free or with minimal charges.

Full Time Services and Other Facilities
General Physician Ortho. Surgeon Pediatrician
General Surgeon Anesthetist E. N. T. Surgeon
Gynecologist Full Time Radiology Orthopedic Unit
Leprosy Heart Disease Unit ICCU
Sonography Ophthalmology Unit X Ray
Pathology Laboratory Nursing Home Facility ECG

Since 1995, this medical facility has performed on an average 2 operations per week, treated 25,000 inpatients, and 3000 on-location patients per year.

The Hospital is considered as one of the Best hospitals in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

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