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Pujya Babaji
Jeevan Yatra -- Journey of  Life
Tapasvi Baba Kalyandasji of Himalaya left his home at the age of twelve, visiting various religious places of India. On the bank of river Ganga, Satguru(late) Baba Swaroopdasji Maharaj, who initiated him with Udasin Sect of Religion. For more than 25 years Pujya babaji decided not to leave under roof during his sadhana. Tapasvi Baba Kalyandasji is a founder of Kalyan Seva Ashram Trust in Amarkantak (MP) India. where the holy river Narmada is originated by God Shiva's tapasya.

Influence of several previous births and grace of the Creator and exotic incarnation among the materialistic mass abandonment of home at the tender age of 11 rigorous meditation in the deep woods of Himalayas and Orissa bestowed the practitioner several spiritual mystic powers in 20-22 years which any yogi or Divine Saint could achieve.

But his journey of spiritual attainment did not stop here. He practiced Panchagni Sadhana in summer, Meghamber Sadhana performed in rainy season and Jaldhara Sadhana performed in winter, were till then mastered and had been included in the routine life.

With the divine grace of Maa Narmada he encircumabulated the river Narmada. In the course of his encircumabulated Maa Narmada’s association nearness was with him. Clad with lion clothes, applied ash, kamandal in hand with land as his bed and sky as his roof, follower of apathetic traditional saint completed the entire pilgrimage of “Bharat” and had benign association of great saints.

The eminent practitioner of supreme soul spent about 30 years of penance and was meditating at “Dhunivan Vankhand Jee” 24 miles away from Veerat Nagar in Nepal when the celestical goddess Narmada embodied and graced him. 

Inspired by the goddess, he came to the banks of Narmada, circumambulated and received the super natural protection, “Now your penance is accomplished – service to the living being is the true worship of the almighty".

With the inspiration of the holy mother the saint settled at Amarkantak.

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