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Shri Chandracharya Charitable Hospital.....
Respected Baba started a small dispensary to provide medical aid to the tribal people of this forest region. But the heart rending death of a tribe woman at the time of delivery so moved kind souled Baba that he resolved to set up a modernly well equipped hospital aiming that no one should pay the cost of life in absence of medical facilities. In the short term of 3 years the hospital was completed and was inaugurated on 14 May 1995. This hospital is enumerated as one of the Best hospital in the state. Various facilities provided here are the modern pathology laboratory, surgery unit, nursing home facility, orthopedic unit, ophthalmology unit, cardiology, heart disease unit, leprosy section, pediatrics and child care unit along with the facilities of ICCU, X-ray, E.C.G., sonography etc. Well equipped hospital having the capacity of 50 bads is continuously served by 45 workers and officers. Ambulance facility is also being provided to the patients.
Special Aid....
In 1999 ICCU costing about 10 lacks has been set up aided by State Bank of India Bhopal. Every year a team of Plastic Surgeon is sent by an International health society named ‘Holland Inter Plast’.  This team organize one month camp and imparts Surgical treatment to hundreds of patients arriving from remote areas of the country. The society has also aided special equipments and machines to the hospital.
Shri Chandracharya Mobile Van.....
The Ashram provides medical aid to the tribal sectors with the help of well equipped mobile van.
Patients with incurable diseases are brought and served here kindly.
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